450th Anniversary Golf Day – The New Zealand

As part of the year of celebration of the 450th anniversary of the foundation of our School, the Old Rugbeian Golfing Society was asked to organise a golf day, which was held on Friday 14th July at New Zealand Golf Club, Addlestone, Surrey.

62 OR golfers (some members of the ORGS, some not) enjoyed a golf course in fine condition, in good golfing weather (dry and warm enough, but not too warm to be uncomfortable) with the advantage of an excellent lunch between rounds.  The format was, as is the ORGS tradition, foursomes (that is, two players play one ball taking alternate shots) with prizes for the morning round, the afternoon round and overall score for the day.  One participant described the day as immensely enjoyable “as the gathering of diverse ORs at a civilised club in good weather should always be”.

The ORs present were indeed diverse in age, one player joining the School in 1948 and two in 2011, or 63 years apart for those who had difficulty with maths.  It is only a shame that the player keen to take part of 1944 vintage had been put “off games” shortly before the day.

We were greatly helped in the organisation, and by the taking of many photos, by Tracey Ahmet and Denise Osborne from the Rugbeian Society and Simon Penniston (C 65-70) a past chairman of that Society kept us in order by watching throughout the day.  As an added benefit, William fforde (SH 70-74) provided all present with his book, A Pocket Guide to the Golf Courses of Ireland.

It was also pleasing that the Chairman of New Zealand Golf Club joined us as our guest for the day.  Mark Burnyeat’s father and grandfather were ORs, although he was denied a Rugby education (to go somewhere “near to Slough”).  The President of the Club, Harry Turcan (SH 54-59) also played.

A list of those taking part is below but the names of the prize winners must be recorded.  A special mention for Melville Guest who, playing with an injured partner, played all the tee to green shots recording an excellent 25 stableford points coming home.

Morning round
Winners: Melville Guest & Martin Lee-Warner
2nd: Henry Fox & Tim Watts; 3rd: Simon Kennedy & Niall Kennedy.

Afternoon round
Winners: Tim Watts & Mark Burnyeat
2nd equal: Clive Pickerill & Jon Siddall and Simon Beazley & Richard Caley
3rd equal: Spencer Burnham & Richard Lloyd, Ted Rose & Christopher Johnson-Gilbert.

Winner: Tim Watts; 2nd: Clive Pickerill; 3rd equal: Jon Siddall, Ted Rose, Richard Lloyd and Simon Beazley.

House Prize (aggregate of best three scores)
Winner: Michell (Simon Beazley, Jamie Clark and Ted Rose)
Runner-up: School Field (Niall Kennedy, Simon Kennedy and Charles Walker)

Those taking part in the day were:


March 2021

Tuesday 9th
Match v The School
Woking Golf Club

Friday 19th & Saturday 20th TBC
Winter Meeting & HH Squad
Burnham & Berrow Golf Club

Wednesday 24th
Match v London Solicitors GS
The New Zealand Golf Club

April 2021

Thursday 8th  - Sunday 11th
Halford Hewitt 2021
Royal St George's & Royal Cinque Ports

Tuesday 13th - Wednesday 14th
Match v Royal North Devon
Westward Ho!

May 2021

Thursday 6th
Spring Meeting
Huntercombe Golf Club

Sunday 9th
Grafton Morrish Qualifying Event
Royal Wimbledon Golf Club

Friday 21st
Match v Blackwell Golf Club
Blackwell Golf Club

June 2021

Friday 11th AM
Match v Luffness New
Luffness New Golf Club

Friday 11th PM
Scottish Meeting
Luffness New Golf Club

Saturday 12th
Scottish Meeting
HCEG - Muirfield

Tuesday 15th & Wednesday 16th
The Senior Darwin
Woking Golf Club

Wednesday 16th
The Veteran Darwin
Woking Golf Club

Wednesday 23rd
Public Schools Midlands Meeting
Little Aston Golf Club

July 2021

Thursday 1st & Friday 2nd
The Bernard Darwin
Woking Golf Club

Thursday 8th
2021 Northern Meeting
Notts Golf Club (Hollinwell)

August 2021

Wednesday 18th
Match v Uppingham
Luffenham Heath Golf Club

Sunday 22nd
Match v Malvern
The Berkshire Golf Club

September 2021

Wednesday 1st
Match v Veteran Lady Golfers
Ashridge Golf Club

Monday 6th & Tuesday 7th
Match v Royal Porthcawl
Royal Porthcawl Golf Club

Friday 10th & Saturday 11th
Autumn Meeting & AGM
Rye Golf Club

October 2021

Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd
Grafton Morrish Finals
Hunstanton & Royal West Norfolk

Sunday 10th
27 Holes of Foursomes
Royal Worlington & Newmarket

November 2021

Tuesday 16th
Match v Royal North Devon
Rye Golf Club

December 2021

Monday 6th
Advent Informal Meeting
Burnham & Berrow


Antony Aitken (M 57)
Mike Appleby (M 57)
Michael Attenborough (K 53)

John Bach (SH 49)
Nigel Bayman (Sh 54)
Simon Beazley (M 91)
Spencer Burnham (SF 88)

Nigel Cadbury (Tu 70)
Richard Caley (B 65)
Mark Carr (C 77)
Jamie Clark (M 65)
Nick Clayson (T 89)
John Chiene (SF 50)
Richard Cockburn (SF 86)
Gerald Cowan (B 55)

Nick Deman (C 86)
Neil Drury (M 56)

Jake Elmhirst (B 81)

Jeremy Fawcett (SH 84)
Alex Fletcher (SF 75)
Giles Forrester (SH 53)
Adrian Fox (M 75)
Henry Fox (T 52)
Jock Fraser (K 56)


Bertie Garforth-Bles (SF 62)
Anthony Given (K 48)
Dick Grillo (SH 58)
Melville Guest (W 57)

Alex Hetherington (Tu 88)
Nick Hills (C 61)
Matt Hodder-Williams (SH 88)

Christopher Johnson-Gilbert (W 68)
Richard Jones (B 65)

Niall Kennedy (SF 78)
Simon Kennedy (SF 86)

Tom Lawrence (M 86)
Martin Lee-Warner (C 57)
Mark Lloyd (Tu 85)
Richard Lloyd (Tu 81)
Robert Lyons (K 55)

Charles Maisey (K 65)
Peter Mason (SH 49)
Colin McCosh (Tu 69)

John Newton (SH 61)

Clive Pickerill (T 65)
Michael Pillans (Sh 53)
Huw Phillips (T 08)
Joe Phillips (T 11)
Rob Prior (C 81)
Mark Pyman (Sh 79)

Adrian Ridgwick (W 64)
Hugo Riley (K 11)
Ted Rose (M 49)

William Sandover (W 68)
Jon Siddall (SH 67)
Charles Silcock (SF 72)
Ian Symington (St 65)

Paul Trendell (SF 99)
John Trumper (SF 53)
Harry Turcan (SH 54)

Robert Vallings (Sh 57)

Charles Walker (SF 70)
Field Walton (C 54)
Tim Watts (St 66)
Magnus Wheatley (Sh 88)

Mark Burnyeat

Rug Soc
Tracey Ahmet
Denise Osborne
Simon Penniston (C 65)

The New Zealand Golf Club