All those present enjoyed a great two days at Rye on 13th/14th September this year for our Autumn meeting.

We also hold our AGM in the clubhouse on the Friday of this meeting and thus it is correct to start report with details of the meeting.


The Captain began the meeting by extending a special welcome to two guests from the School, Kerry Wilson (Director of Development) and Debbie Skene (Director of Sport). Kerry gave a report on latest developments at the School and Debbie spoke about the School’s sports, referring to the “core” sports and, with particular relevance to the ORGS, the improving arrangements that pupils would have this year to learn and practise golf and how, as we hope, improved facilities for golf should become available over coming years. Our guests also joined members at the dinner following the meeting.

Turning to the more formal business, the then current Vice-Captain, Charles Maisey (K 65-70), was unanimously elected as Captain for the 2019/20 year. Nigel Cadbury (Tu 70-74) was elected as Vice-Captain and Charles Carver (SH74-79) was elected to the Committee in place of the Jonny Brewer ( ) whose 3 year term of office concluded at the meeting.

The Hon Treasurer presented the statement of income and expenses to July 2019 and mentioned how some expenses would be greater in the current year so the small surplus in the account before the meeting would be a deficit in 2020. While the Society has reserves, there is a need to increase income. The accounts for the year were accepted.

The next item of business was to elect an Hon Secretary and Treasurer in the place of Tim Watts (St 66-71) who was standing down. The President of the ORGS at this point proposed, in his usual succinct and elegant manner, a vote of thanks to Tim and made a presentation, to which a slightly embarrassed retiring Hon Secretary replied by sincerely thanking the President for his kind words and thanking all who had contributed toward the gifts received. Robert Prior (C 81-86) was elected to office as the Hon Secretary and Treasurer. The Captain also took the opportunity to award the “Captain’s Privelege” to Robert Prior for agreeing to take on this office.

The Minutes of the AGM will be posted on the website in due course.

Annual Dinner

The AGM was, as is our tradition, followed by dinner in the Clubhouse. This is now the only dinner that the Club holds in a year and so is a cherished privilege. We were joined by the Captain and Secretary of Rye and enjoyed both an excellent meal (it is always a good sign when the noise level in the room is high). The meal ended with a polished speech from our Captain who proposed the toast to Rye Golf Club to which the Captain of Rye replied in a kind and most welcoming manner and asked members of Rye present (quite a few were also ORGS members) to drink to the Old Rugbeain Golfing Society.

ORGS Autumn Meeting

Rye, as ever, was in fine form. What rain we have had this summer in the SE came, as was explained to some present, at the correct time for the fairways; the greens were in excellent condition. Similarly, we were favoured by two lovely autumn days.

The Autumn Cup (aggregate stableford score over 4 rounds) was won by Alex Walker (SF 09-14), one of four players from the Halford Hewitt squad who played in the meeting. Congratulations to Alex. Slightly higher up the age scale, the declared runner-up was our new Captain, Charles Maisey. The immediate Past Captain, John Newton (SH 61-65) was awarded the Pattison Memorial Prize where the winner is the player who has the greatest score when his age is added.

The nicest trophy that the ORGS has is the Wills Claret Jug, and this is for the player over 55 with the best score over three rounds this year won by Clive Pickerill (T 65-70).

The ladies competition was won by Vanessa Lindsay (B 92-94), making her first appearance at an ORGS event. It would be great if we had a few more ladies present and competing and then perhaps we could abolish a separate ladies prize.

We have always awarded a House prize at this meeting (the best 2 scores for the weekend for two players from the same House counting). This year the winner was Town (Clive Pickerill and Michael Colclasure (06-08)).

The best scores in each round were:

  • Fri am: Maisey & Walker
  • Fri pm: Lindsay & Tim Stubbs (Sh 81-86)
  • Sat am:
    [Div 1: low handicap] Jamie Clark (M 65-70) & Pickerill
    [Div 2] Pargetter (SH 88-93) & Watts
  • Sat pm: Walker & Simon Beazley (M 91-96)

Tim Watts


October 2019

Wednesday 23rd
ORGS v Royal North Devon
Rye Golf Club

November 2019

Saturday 2nd
ORGS v The Meteors
Rye Golf Club

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December 2019

Monday 2nd
Informal Advent Meeting
Burnham & Berrow Golf Club

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February 2020

Saturday 22nd
27 Holes of foursomes
Royal Worlington Golf Club

March 2020

Friday 6th & Saturday 7th
ORGS v Rye Golf Club
Rye Golf Club

Tuesday 10th
ORGS v The School
Woking Golf Club

Monday 16th
South West v Rest
Burnham & Berrow Golf CLub

Friday 20th
ORGS v London Solicitors
The New Zealand Golf Club

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April 2020

Thur 2nd - Sunday 5th
Halford Hewitt
Royal Cinque Ports &
Royal St. George's

Tues 14th / Wed 15th
Match v RND
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Thursday 23rd
Match v OCGS
Bristol & Clifton Golf Club

Sunday 26th
ORGS v Marlborough
Rye Golf Club (Members Only)

May 2020

Thursday 7th
Spring Meeting
Huntercombe Golf Club

Thursday 21st
ORGS v Blackwell Golf Club
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June 2020

Tues 16th & Wed 17th
Senior Darwin
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Wednesday 17th
Veteran Darwin
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Match v Luffness New (am)
Scottish Meeting (pm)
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Saturday 20th 
Scottish Meeting

Wednesday 24th
Midland Public Schools
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July 2020

Thursday 2nd & Friday 3rd
Bernard Darwin
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Thursday 9th
Northern Meeting
The Notts Golf Club

August 2020

Sunday 23rd
Match v Malvern
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September 2020

Wednesday 2nd
ORGS v Veteran Ladies
Ashridge Golf Club

Monday 7th & Tuesday 8th
Match v Royal Porthcawl Golf Club
Royal Porthcawl Golf Club

Friday 11th & Saturday 12th
Autumn Meeting & AGM
Rye Golf Club

Rye Golf Club