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The Rugbeian Golfing Society

Rugby v Marlborough

Saturday 12th August – Lord’s Cricket Ground

As you will know, as part of the heavily emailed 450th anniversary celebrations, Rugby will play Marlborough at Lords on Saturday 12th August.
Our President (Michael Attenborough) has asked (i.e. “volunteered”) me to canvass the “usual suspects” in the ORGS to encourage a big turnout to support the XI on this (now) unique occasion.
A possibility is to secure a table for lunch in the Pelham Restaurant in the Warner Stand, where Ted Rose has already arranged a table for his victorious 1973 Cricketer Cup team. Tim Watts (our Hon Sec and a MCC member) is enquiring about availability and cost.
An alternative if our numbers are too many or if the Pelham Restaurant should not be available would be an ORGS picnic on the lawn behind the Pavilion.
The purpose of this email is to find out who is interested in coming to Lords on that day and participating in some form of ORGS jollity. Please let me know by email if you plan to come. Of course, spouses and partners will be more than welcome.
I have groped my way through my emails in the last couple of years and I am absolutely sure that I have inadvertently missed out on various people – so I would be very grateful if this message could be passed on as widely as possible to ORGS members and if you could let me know about any howling omissions. I do not have email addresses for all ORGS members including many cricketers/Meteors (many of whom will have played in Lords in earlier days).
Once we have a feel for numbers and Tim has checked out the Pelham Restaurant I will set about making arrangements. I hope the weather at Lords will be better than it was in 1966.
Best wishes

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Lord's Cricket Ground